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—i still don't know what the idea is—


    richphotos answered your question: STOLEN BIKE! Minneapolis. Please RT/repost: Black…

    People should have to register bikes and have bike plates like they do with cars, would really cut back on bike stealing.

    I agree. This site Bike Shepherd is doing something pretty cool—they let you register your bike to get a downloadable bike badge that’s scannable with a smartphone app. Anyone with the app can scan the badge and see if the bike is listed as stolen. Wish I’d discovered it sooner.

    Also wish I’d registered my bike with On-Guard when I bought my mini-Bulldog U-lock, as they have a limited bike-theft insurance policy for lock owners. So does Kryptonite, apparently.

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    1. richphotos answered: its unfortunate that it happened, I hope that the bike is found. I will keep an eye out for it.
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