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—i still don't know what the idea is—


    when i was just a little button gramma cut the crusts from my tuna & gave me extra pickles, and milk. sneak down & watch green acres in the black night, forget the world. the last time things came so easy. gratitude is a gift you can learn, i think.

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    A New Play Written & Directed by Leilani Chan

    Post by: Wahida Omar

    Leilani Chan (Global Taxi Driver writer & director) and Ova Saopeng (original and current cast member) were kind enough to share some thoughts with me between hurried mouthfuls during their brief mid-rehearsal lunch break. The…

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    i so totally love her (@Miranda_July for .@miumiuofficial .@walkerartcenter is a hotspot!)

    i so totally love her (@Miranda_July for .@miumiuofficial .@walkerartcenter is a hotspot!)

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    poke #mjinmyinbox #notthatmj #thefuture  (at the future)

    poke #mjinmyinbox #notthatmj #thefuture (at the future)

    — 1 month ago
    #mjinmyinbox  #notthatmj  #thefuture